You Live After Death by Harold Sherman  Earths in the Universe by Swedenborg  Death and the Afterlife by Andrew Jackson Davis  Intra Muros
6" x 9" 164 pages
[Published December 6, 2015] 

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6" x 9" 120 pages
[Published July 19, 2014] 

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[Published January 26, 2015] 

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6" x 9" 122 pages
[Published July 31, 2014] 

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First published in 1949, this spiritual and philosophical classic answers the most important questions you will ever ask, including: * Is there life after death? * Must you accept its existence on faith alone? * Are you worthy of survival? * Are you afraid to die? * This book will help you gain an understanding of the afterlife help you attain a belief in immortality beyond contradiction or dispute. And you can begin today to prepare yourself for survival beyond the grave.  Seventeeth-century seer Emanuel Swedenborg, after claiming to converse with spirits from planets both within and without our solar system, concluded that the Infinite God would not create such an enormous undertaking for one world alone, with only one heaven for one race of people. In this book he travels clairvoyantly to those worlds and describes the scenery and inhabitants, their natures and philosophies. First published in 1865, this book contains eight evening lectures given by Andrew Jackson Davis, the Seer of Poughkeepsie. He begins with the phenomenon of death and goes on to describe the conditions of life and society in the Summerland (also called the Spirit-land) and its seven planes. In this edition footnotes have been added to clarify some of the names and places mentioned, which were familiar to readers in 1865 but are not so today. Rebecca Ruter Springer’s 1898 vision of heaven was received as she lay unconscious suffering from a near-fatal illness. For well over 100 years her inspiring descriptions of reunions with loved ones on the other side have given hope to many who believed them to be lost forever. Though told through a Christian lens, the truths it contains are universal and reflect the Christ teachings rather than particular interpretations or practices associated with them.
The Life Beyond the Veil The Blue Island The Angels' Diary The World Unseen
6" x 9" 724 pages
[Published July, 2014] 

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[Published November 7, 2013] 

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[Published September 5, 2013]
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[Published March 15, 2013]
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Contains a series of communications from various personalities "on the other side," received and written down by the Rev. G. Vale Owen, Vicar of Orford, Lancashire.Originally published as four separate books (The Lowlands of Heaven (1920), The Highlands of Heaven (1920), The Ministry of Heaven (1921), The Battalions of Heaven (1921), this volume combines all four works, and includes revised and standardized introductory pages. Contains four classic spiritualist works, three by William T. Stead and one by his daughter, Estelle. Stead (1849-1912) was a well-known British investigative journalist who became interested in Spiritualism in the 1890s. This volume includes W.T. Stead's After Death, or Letters From Julia (1905); How I Know that the Dead Return (1909); The Blue Island - Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond the Veil (1922);  and Estelle Stead's When We Speak with the Dead. First published in 1903, the instructive messages contained in this little volume, transmitted through the hand of Elizabeth Maud Weatherhead, have given comfort to many. From the Preface: "To those who have struggled through the trials of physical life with but little to cheer and encourage them, there is a grand promise - the promise, all that can make life desirable in the world beyond where things are seen as they really are, and not as they merely appear to be." This compilation of three popular books channeled through Anthony Borgia - Life in the World Unseen, More About Life in the World Unseen, and Here and Hereafter - will give the reader a glimpse of the places we are destined to inhabit when our lives on earth are over. From the Preface: "To discover what kind of place is the next world, we must inquire of someone who lives there, and record what is said. That is what has been done in the present volume."
The Grand Universe  The Inhabited Universe     
6" x 9" 678 pages
[Published February 6, 2015] 

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6" x 9" 312 pages
[Published July 7, 2014] 

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The celestially-authored Urantia revelation was first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book, a 2,097-page volume divided into four parts and 196 papers describing God, the grand universe and its many inhabitants, the origin and history of our planet (Urantia), the life and teachings of Jesus, and our eternal destiny. This volume comprises Part I, The Central and Superuniverses, and Part II, The Local Universe, together comprising the Grand Universe wherein we live. The Inhabited Universe consists of sixteen papers from the Urantia Book that focus on the many worlds we will encounter as we journey through the universe, worlds teeming with life, both human and superhuman. “ ‘God is spirit,’ but Paradise is not. The material universe is always the arena wherein take place all spiritual activities; spirit beings and spirit ascenders live and work on physical spheres of material reality.” (Paper 12, “The Universe of Universes”)