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The Divine Comedy Dante 1321
Heaven and Hell Emanuel Swedenborg 1758
Earths in the Universe [+miscellaneous works] Emanuel Swedenborg 1758
The Harmonial Philosophy Andrew Jackson Davis 1850-59
Life in Two Spheres pdf Hudson Tuttle 1855
The Future Life Elizabeth Sweet 1869
Flashes of Light from the Spirit Land Conant / Allen Putnam 1872
Death and the Afterlife Andrew Jackson Davis 1873
Beyond the Veil Paschal Beverly Randolph 1878
The Spirit World—Its Inhabitants, Nature and Philosophy Eugene Crowell 1879
Spirit Teachings Rev. W. Stainton Moses 1883
More Spirit Teachings pdf Rev. W. Stainton Moses 1884
Spiritual Spheres online Cora L.V. Richmond Life and Work 1886
Mary Ann Carewe: Wife, Mother, Spirit, Angel pdf Carlyle Petersilea 1893
The Astral Plane C.W. Leadbeater 1895
After Her Death Lilian Whiting 1897
Intra Muros Rebecca Ruter Springer 1898
Through the Mists online Robert James Lees 1898
A Dweller on Two Planets Phylos the Tibetan 1899
A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands Franchezzo 1901
The Angels' Diary Effie M. Shirey and Charles Samson 1903
The Little Book of Life After Death Gustav Theodor Fechner 1904
Letters From the Spirit World Carlyle Petersilea 1905
The Life Elysian pdf Robert James Lees 1905
Death, the Gate of Life H.A. Dallas 1909
How I Know that the Dead Return William T. Stead 1909
The Dawn of Another Life William Denton, William W. Aber 1910
Two Years in Heaven  Rose the Sunlight 1911
The Life After Death C.W. Leadbeater 1912
After Death, or Letters From Julia William T. Stead 1914
Letters From a Living Dead Man Elsa Barker 1914
War Letters From a Living Dead Man online Elsa Barker 1915
The Astral Worldpdf Swami Panchadasi (W.W. Atkinson) 1915
Raymond    Raymond Revised (1919) Sir Oliver Lodge 1916
The Dead Have Never Died Edward C. Randall 1917
Private Dowding online W. T. P. 1917
Letters From Harry and Helen Harry and Mary Blount White 1917
Claude's Book L. Kelway-Bamber 1918
Reunion in Eternity Sir Robertson Nicoll 1919
Letters From the Other Side pdf Henry Thibault 1919
Last Letters From the Living Dead Man Elsa Barker 1919
Meeting of the Spheres Charlotte G. Herbine 1919
The Twentieth Plane - a Psychic Revelation  Albert Durrant Watson 1919
The Vital Message Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1919
Gone West—by a Soldier Doctor Frederick W. Kendall 1919
After Death Communications L. Marjorie Bazett 1920
Claude's Second Book L. Kelway-Bamber 1920
Gone West—Three Narratives of After-Death Experiences google J.S.M. Ward 1920
Meslom's Messages from the Beyond Mary A. McEvilly 1920
The Life Beyond the Veil, Book I pdf Rev. G. Vale Owen 1920
The Life Beyond the Veil, Book II pdf Rev. G. Vale Owen 1920
The Life Beyond the Veil, Book III Rev. G. Vale Owen  1921 
The Life Beyond the Veil, Book IV Rev. G. Vale Owen  1921 
The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants online Eros Urides 1920
The Religion of the Spirit World Rev. Prof. G. Henslow 1920
The Witness pdf Jessie Platts 1920
What Spiritualism Really Is purchase Dr. Wm. J. Bryan 1920
The Blue Island William T. Stead & Estelle Stead 1922
Spirit World and Spirit Life Charlotte E. Dresser 1922
Life Beyond Death with Evidence pdf Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas 1923
My Experiences While Out of My Body Cora L.V. Richmond 1923
My Letters from Heaven purchase Winifred Graham 1923
The Case of Lester Coltman pdf Lilian Walbrook 1923
Vanishing Night pdf Juliet S. Goodenow 1923
Thirty Years Among the Dead pdf Carl A. Wickland 1924
Pheneas Speaks pdf Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1926
The Realms of the Living Dead F. Homer Curtiss 1926
Life Here and Hereafter pdf Charlotte E. Dresser 1927
My Travels in the Spirit World online Caroline D. Larsen 1927
More Letters from Heaven purchase Winifred Graham 1928
The Book on Life Beyond google Bo Yin Ra 1929
My Seven Minutes in Eternity google William Dudley Pelley 1929
Psychic Adventures in New York online Neville Whymant 1930
On the Edge of the Etheric pdf Arthur Findlay 1931
The Gate of Heaven pdf Robert James Lees 1931
The Road to Immortality online Geraldine Cummins 1932
Book of the Beyond purchase Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1933
My Adventure into Spiritualism purchase E. Lee Howard 1934
Beyond Human Personality online Geraldine Cummins 1935
Open the Door! purchase Wilfred Brandon / Edith Ellis 1935
Incarnation: A Plea from the Masters purchase Wilfred Brandon / Edith Ellis 1936
Long Distance Please purchase J.H. 1936
Life After Death purchase H.J. Doumette 1938
The Last Crossing pdf Gladys Osborne Leonard 1939
Across the Unknown online Stewart Edward White 1939
The Unobstructed Universe online Stewart Edward White 1940
The Doorway pdf Margaret Vivian 1941
Who Are These? purchase Owen Redington Washburn 1941
Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive pdf William Dudley Pelley 1942
Byron, Station to Station pdf Coleen Owen Britt 1944
The Country Beyond purchase Jane Sherwood 1944
Across the Line purchase Albert Payson Terhune 1945
A Book of Revelations purchase George Starr White 1945
Long Distance Calling purchase Mary Stephenson Barnes 1945
Across the Borderline purchase Charles V.P. Young 1946
From the Seventh Plane purchase Winifred Willard 1946
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds online Rudolf Steiner 1947
Heaven and Earth pdf Anthony Borgia 1948
A New Heaven purchase W. H. Evans 1950
Telephone Between Worlds purchase James Crenshaw 1950
You Will Survive After Death purchase Eddy Sherwood 1950
Where Two Worlds Meet purchase Arthur Findlay 1951
Broadcasting from Beyond pdf A.E. Perriman 1952
The Other World purchase Albert Pauchard 1952
In Search of the Hereafter purchase Reginald M. Lester 1953
Life in the World Unseen pdf Anthony Borgia 1954
Through the Psychic Door purchase Frederic H. Wood 1954
The Book of Urantia pdf Angelic Beings through Anonymous 1955
Urantia, Paper 47: The Seven Mansion Worlds pdf Brilliant Evening Star through Anonymous 1955
Urantia, Paper 48: The Morontia Life pdf Archangel of Nebadon through Anonymous 1955
Urantia, Paper 49: The Inhabited Worlds pdf Mechizedek through Anonymous 1955
Urantia, Paper 55: The Spheres of Light and Life pdf Mighty Messenger through Anonymous 1955
Urantia, Paper 72: Government on a Neighboring Planet pdf Melchizedek of Nebadon through Anonymous 1955
Love in the Afterlife purchase Wilfred Brandon / Edith Ellis 1956
More About Life in the World Unseen pdf Anthony Borgia 1956
The Voice of Venus Ernest L. Norman 1956
The Voice of Eros purchase Ernest L. Norman 1958
Why We Are Here purchase Gloria Lee 1959
Here and Hereafter pdf Anthony Borgia 1959
Excursions to the Spirit World purchase Frederick C. Sculthorp 1961
The Voice of Orion purchase Ernest L. Norman 1961
The Voice of Muse—Unarius—Elysium purchase Ernest L. Norman 1964
Intimations of Immortality purchase Robert Crookall 1965
We Come Amongst You purchase George R. Abrahams 1965
Is Survival a Fact? purchase Margaret Lillian Hamilton 1969
So You're Going to Heaven? purchase M.R. Keith 1969
Testimony of Light purchase Helen Greaves 1969
A World Beyond purchase Ruth Montgomery 1971
Love's Answer From Eternity purchase Guy Chester Belt 1973
Witness From Beyond purchase Ruth Mattson Taylor 1975
Afterlife Communications purchase Nora M. Loder 1979
Gateway purchase Roger Whitby 1979
No GoodByes purchase Adela Rogers St. Johns 1982
Everyone's Guide to the Hereafter purchase Ken Akehurst 1985
Astonishing Messages from the Cosmos purchase Laura Horst 1986
Embraced by the Light purchase Betty J. Eadie 1992
After Death purchase Sukie Miller 1997
The Watch-House of the Sun purchase Wayne Lee Jones 1988
The Spirit World--Descriptions by Early Spiritualists online Barbara N. Starr 2000
A Travel Guide to Heaven purchase Anthony DeStefano 2003
90 Minutes in Heaven purchase Don Piper 2004
Life After Death--Afterlife in Western Religion purchase Alan F. Segal 2004